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New Jersey Division of Property and Business Valuation

401(k) plans. Credit card debt. Business ownership. College loans. Commercial property. IRAs. Tax penalties. Personal loans. Savings accounts. When your assets are of a significant value and you are getting a divorce, you need an attorney who can address financial matters confidently, efficiently and prudently.

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Significant Assets? Get Exemplary Assistance

You have worked hard to get where you are in life. I have had so many clients tell me their business is "their life," and now it is being threatened. You have perhaps built up significant assets through business development, real estate projects or prudent investments.

Whether your spouse has been equally successful in the marketplace or has stayed at home, leaving you to be the family's breadwinner, your assets are at risk in a high-net-worth divorce. As such, you need an experienced lawyer who can address the complexity that the potential division of both business assets and other personal assets will bring to your lifestyle.

The Law Offices of Leonard A. Weitzman, LLC, provides a tremendous level of understanding, built up over 30 years, in helping clients resolve complex asset division matters in Somerset County and across New Jersey, including issues involving:

Fair Valuation

I work with some of the best financial experts, CPAs and forensic accountants in the state of New Jersey to address property division for clients whose personal and business properties need precise valuation. Accuracy is my watchword as I meet with clients to take an accounting of assets and debt, investments and real property.

Creative Problem-Solving

In working with financial experts, I creatively yet accurately help my clients satisfy their business obligations while appraising their financial situations. The processes involved in helping determine a fair valuation for ultimate property division is a long and arduous task. Make sure your attorney is up to it.

In my 30 years of experience in family law, I have successfully handled divorce and property division agreements for a number of business owners and clients of high net worth.

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