Fathers' Rights Custody and Visitation

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There are many reasons a parent may not be able to assume full residential custody of a child. Job obligations, geographic distance, financial or personal reasons all could affect this decision. Most people are justifiably concerned as to how their relationship will be affected once they no longer have the primary residential custody of their child. They fear they will not be able to spend the time you once enjoyed with the children. They often feel marginalized by the court system.

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Securing the Best Interests of Children

The state of New Jersey has determined that having a warm and loving relationship with both parents as well as access to both parents is in a child's best interest. Regardless of which parent the child lives with following a divorce, preserving that bond is critical. I work with noncustodial fathers or mothers to aggressively protect their rights to access. Even if job schedules or geographic distances create obstacles, we establish creative means to maintain communication and parenting time. Together with my clients, I devise plans that secure fathers' and mothers' rights.

Noncustodial Parental Rights

Once custody has been established and a parent has been recognized as the parent of primary residence, and the other as the noncustodial parent (or parent of alternate residence) a visitation schedule must be determined. In general the courts are extremely supportive of noncustodial parents, and work to make sure that visitation schedules allow the noncustodial parent sufficient time to maintain and deepen his or her relationships with his or her children. In the event a noncustodial parent's rights are threatened, we aggressively invoke the protection of the court system to protect those rights.

Most custody settlements award joint legal custody to both parents so that important decisions regarding education, religion and health can be made with input from both parents. The parent of primary residence exercises control over the day-to-day decisions of the child or children. We help you weigh and balance the effect of such designations during the divorce process so you fully realize your rights and can exercise them going forward.

Visitation and Noncustodial Parental Rights

I work closely with noncustodial parents to ensure their rights are protected by creating plans that reflect their schedule and those of their children. Many people mistakenly believe that the courts will simply impose a rigid visitation schedule giving little consideration to a noncustodial parent – this is simply not true.

When you come to my office to discuss custody and visitation issues, I will work with you to determine your priorities and help you in creating an individualized visitation schedule that is designed to deepen your bond with your children.

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