Grandparent Rights and Visitation

Working to Preserve the Bond Between Grandparent and Grandchild

A strong relationship between grandparents and grandchildren allows a family to share experiences across generations. The lives of grandparents and grandchildren alike are enriched through regular visits and simply spending time together. When circumstances threaten that relationship, grandparents should reach out to an experienced lawyer to learn about their rights.

My name is Leonard A. Weitzman, and for nearly 30 years I have represented clients in all types of New Jersey family law cases. I am very experienced in helping grandparents in Somerset County and the surrounding areas through the process of securing visitation rights. If you are concerned about your grandchild's well-being or if the parents are preventing you from seeing him or her, I am ready to meet with in my Bridgewater office to discuss your rights.

When Might a Grandparent Seek Visitation Rights in New Jersey?

Generally speaking, New Jersey courts are reluctant to deny visitation when a grandparent and grandchild have a meaningful relationship. If the child's parents object, then the grandparent, with the help of an attorney, can file a complaint. The grandparent must then prove that the visitation would be "in the best interests of the child." If that standard is met, then the court considers a variety of factors when making a final decision:

  • The relationship between the grandparent and grandchild
  • The relationship between the grandparent and the parent (or other person with whom the child lives)
  • How would grandparent visitation affect the child's relationship with his or her parents or other caregiver?
  • If the parents are divorced, where do they reside and what are the parenting timearrangements?

Grandparents often seek visitation rights at times when the family is going through a major challenge. One of the parents may have recently passed away or been incarcerated, for example. Whatever the circumstances affecting your family, I am ready to sit down with you, learn about your family and advise you of steps you might take.

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