Parental Relocation and Parenting Plans

Move-Aways and Child Relocation

In New Jersey, a parent cannot move a child out of the state without written permission of the other parent or permission of the court. When a job or other event presents an opportunity to move out of state, there are many things to consider.

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Parental Relocation – Good Faith Reasoning

Parental relocation matters are fact-sensitive. The parent wishing to leave the state must offer a bona fide reason for the move. Perhaps the parent has a better job opportunity or wishes to raise a child with the support of family living in another state. In addition to giving a good faith reason for the move, the parent wishing to relocate must show that such a move would not be adverse to the children's interests.

Once a good faith reason has been established, I work with a relocating parent to take a proactive step in creating a new visitation schedule which outlines holidays, summer vacations, travel plans and above all, encourages parental contact with the non-relocating parent to help ensure that a court will approve the move.

Representing Objecting Parents

While I do assist relocating parents in securing permission to move out of New Jersey, I also work with non-relocating parents who have objections to parental relocation. My work in this capacity involves setting realistic expectations. I advise my clients of their rights and, if a move does not seem in the best interest of the child, will do whatever is possible to help prevent the out of state move.

In the event that a challenge to a parental relocation is unsuccessful, I work to expand visitation rights for the non-relocating parent and increase the responsibilities of the parent moving out of state.

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