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Wills and Trusts in New Jersey

Family law lawyers are often called upon to evaluate trusts and estates in a matrimonial setting. Parties often seek to protect either inherited assets from an estate, or existing assets in the form of a trust from potential matrimonial litigation.

While certain assets might be protected from distribution in a divorce, the income generated from such assets can remain relevant for determining spousal supportchild support or other obligations.

Having full knowledge of the nuances and interplay of the laws in connection with trusts and estates and matrimonial litigation is critical to properly represent clients whose case presents with such issues.

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Protecting Your Interests

At the Law Offices of Leonard A. Weitzman, LLC, I am completely qualified to provide you with the sophisticated estate planning advice necessary to help protect your interests in the event an analysis of trusts and estates is required in a high-net-worth divorce case.

Moreover, as a result of my professional relationship with the estate planning lawyers of Vizzoni & Costello, L.L.C., which firm is located in our same building, I am able to address all of your family law needs in creating both simple and complex trusts as well as offering estate planning advice to fit your personal situation.

I provide sound advice and provide full representation in all family law matters involving trusts and estates. Whether it be division of property, a will contest or dispute over an inheritance, or a dispute over a trust or family business, you will receive tailored legal advice and a plan of action for your personal situation.

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