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In spite of a couple’s best intentions to divorce amicably, disagreements routinely happen and can interfere with a peaceful resolution. If you are considering filing for divorce in Raritan, New Jersey and need help resolving all the issues involved, contact the Law Offices of Leonard A. Weitzman for high quality legal representation.

Divorce and Property Division in New Jersey

New Jersey is an equitable property distribution state, meaning that the court’s goal will be to divide your marital property in a way that is equitable and fair, but not necessarily equal. Marital property includes any property, including income that either of the spouses acquired during the marriage. Separate property obtained during the marriage through a gift or an inheritance is normally not subject to property division and will remain the separate property of the party who acquired it.

When dividing property, New Jersey courts typically look at various factors, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • Each spouse’s contribution of income or property to the marriage
  • Each party’s economic circumstances at the time of divorce

For the most part, when New Jersey judges divide marital property, they are not interested in fault, but there are exceptions. When one spouse has wasted marital assets by misusing property (such as gambling), a court may assign the other spouse a larger percentage of the assets remaining to help compensate for the loss. A judge might also make an exception when one spouse’s behavior is considered egregious or extremely shocking.

Although divorce is a stressful experience, the Law Offices of Leonard A. Weitzman, LLC has been helping families throughout central New Jersey with various family law issues for more than three decades. Contact our firm online or call (908) 458-9098 to discuss your family’s concerns with one of our attorneys today.