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If you have recently decided to divorce in Readington, New Jersey but are unable to agree with your spouse about important issues such as child support, alimony, and division of assets/liabilities, you likely need the services of an experienced divorce attorney such as those at the Law Offices of Leonard A. Weitzman, LLC.

Contested Divorce

When a couple fails to reach a mutual agreement regarding the issues involved in their divorce, it becomes a contested divorce. Some of the issues that are frequently contested during a divorce include:

  • Child custody – each parent may have different ideas about what is in their child’s best interest, and is unable to reach an agreement regarding child custody.
  • Alimony and child support – in New Jersey, contested divorce matters frequently involve disputes over alimony, child support, and the proper application of the state’s child support guidelines.
  • Distribution of assets and liabilities – property division in a contested divorce requires making decisions regarding things like the marital home, brokerage accounts, businesses, pensions, retirement accounts, and debts including student loans, credit cards, and lines of credit, and often requires extensive discovery to sort everything out.

When involved in a contested divorce in New Jersey, it is important to remember that New Jersey is not a community property state and marital property must be distributed equitably, but not necessarily equally. To ensure fair treatment, you should retain an attorney with widespread knowledge of New Jersey divorce law.

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