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Life happens, and significant changes may occur that might require the modification of your divorce decree. If you are struggling with making changes to your divorce agreement, the Law Offices of Leonard A. Weitzman will protect your interests and advocate aggressively for you.

Divorce Agreement Modification in New Jersey

Although some things in the final judgment of divorce may be changed if the parties’ situations change, such as child support, alimony, custody, and visitation arrangements, other things may not be changed, except under extraordinary circumstances. It is unlikely that any decisions about the division of property or debts will be modified.

If both parties agree to the modification, they may draft a consent order and file it with the court. If the court accepts the agreement, the judge and both parties will sign the consent order, and the change is made. If the parties do not agree to the modification, the party seeking the change must file a motion with the court and the judge will decide whether or not extraordinary circumstances exist.

Circumstances When Divorce Agreements May be Modified

Many aspects of a divorce settlement can be modified after the divorce becomes final, including:

  • Child custody and visitation, if a parent becomes unfit or the custodial parent wants to move out of state
  • Child support, when the non-custodial parent experiences a significant income change or has another child
  • Alimony, in situations where either the receiving or paying spouse experiences a significant change in economic circumstances
  • Property distribution, when there was fraud in the disclosure of assets while the marital estate was being determined

If your life circumstances have changed and a modification of your judgment of divorce may be warranted, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Leonard A. Weitzman, LLC can help. To schedule an initial client consultation today, contact us online or call (908) 458-9098.